When is it Time to Replace Kitchen Equipment?

Eventually there will come a time when a piece of equipment in your kitchen starts costing you a lot of money in repairs and downtime, making preparing meals more difficult and impacting your bottom line.  Failing equipment which has met its life expectancy can also be a safety issue.   So, how do you make the decision to replace a piece of equipment?  There are number of things to consider:
  • Growing Repair Costs:  You may have a piece of equipment that requires more and more frequent repairs. You’ve come to the point that you need to decide if it is repairable to a point of consistent performance or if you just must replace it.  If you find that the cost of repairing the equipment is getting close to half of the value of a new unit, you might want to consider replacement. Let’s say you have piece of equipment in need of repair that is worth $5000 and the repair cost would be $2500.  If you feel that the repair will add another 10 years of useful life to the equipment without any need for additional repairs, then go ahead and make the repair.  If, however, there are other issues with the unit and it will still need additional repairs, it might be time to bite the bullet and start looking for a new unit. Usually, by this point, your service company has noted in their invoices that the piece of equipment needs to be replaced.  If not, you may want to ask their opinion.
  • Availability of Parts:  If your equipment is very old, there will come a time when you will not be able to get replacement parts for it any longer.
  • When it’s Cheaper to Buy New:  Some pieces of equipment just aren’t worth the money it would cost to repair them because their replacement cost might be the same or even cheaper than the repair.  These are typically smaller units like counter-top blenders, food processors, warmers, coffee makers, microwaves, etc.
  • Safety:  Sometimes the equipment becomes dangerous to you, your staff, your customers and your establishment. Even if the equipment is still working, you must make that decision to replace it. Gas leaks, electrical issues, shocking staff, etc., if not repairable, dictate that you replace the equipment.

Some advantages of purchasing new equipment:  There are many new (and in some cases, improved) models on the market.  Below are a few reasons you might want to replace your old equipment:
  • Improvements such as improved energy and water efficiency options
  • A smaller footprint in your kitchen
  • The ability to perform more tasks than your old unit.
Additionally, a new piece of equipment relieves you of the stress of not knowing when another emergency breakdown will occur and new equipment will come with a manufacturer warranty for a year or two, which will cover any parts failures or manufacturing defects. It will also have a brand new life expectancy.  Make sure that you properly maintain the equipment, so that you can take advantage of this new start and keep your equipment running well for many years to come.
Jay-Hill Repairs offers a variety of maintenance agreements to suit every budget and need. Contact us for more information on keeping your equipment working in optimal condition, efficiently and safely.

Champion, Bi-Line, Moyer Diebel & Moffat Team Up with Jay-Hill Repairs

Another great Manufacturer teams up with Jay-Hill Repairs for their Warranty Service needs.

Champion Industries…

Champion, Bi-Line, Moyer Diebel and Moffat are significant names in Commercial Kitchens across the country. It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have been approved to represent these companies whenever Warranty Service is required.

We add these manufacturers with pride to our extensive list of manufacturers for whom we have been providing Warranty Service support for over 45 years. You can see those manufacturers here on our website.

We also carry OEM Parts for Champion, Bi-Line, Moyer Diebel and Moffat in our 15,000 square foot Warehouse.

Should you have any questions, or if you need parts or out-of-warranty service, Jay-Hill Repairs is here to respond to your needs 24/7/365.

Call us today!

Why should you choose Jay-Hill Repairs?

  1. The best team of CFESA Certified and Factory Trained Technicians in New Jersey

  2. The Largest Warehouse of Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) parts in New Jersey

  3. Over 45 years of exceptional, ethical, professional caring service to our customers.

  4. Selected by several major manufacturers as their Primary or Sole Service Agency for warranty support, due to our outstanding rate of first time fixes and our technicians’ exceptional skill and knowledge.

We have customers today who have been with us our entire time in business. That is a statement that few can make. We build relationships, not just do a job and forget you.

Jay-Hill Repairs’ relationships with our customers are built on:

  • Trust

  • Urgency to respond to your call

  • Communication

  • Experience

  • Flexibility

  • Problem Solving

Our approval rating from customers during two separate year-long Customer Satisfaction Surveys was over 99%. We received only TWO minor complaints out of over 3000 surveys sent out, and those 2 complaints were not serious issues.

Jay-Hill Repairs does our best to ensure that our customers are treated with respect and dignity by our entire staff. From your first contact with our Call Takers to the final performance of your equipment repair, we strive to make sure you are more than satisfied.

We employ Parts Runners to rush any necessary part to your tech if it is in stock, so that you can have your equipment up and running the same day we come out.

Whatever your equipment service need, you can count on Jay-Hill Repairs for the best repair service in New Jersey.

New Full Allied Vendor Membership with the NJRA

It is with great excitement that we announce our Full Allied Vendor Membership to the New Jersey Restaurant Association.

So many of our wonderful customers are restaurants and dining facilities that belong to this fine organization. We look forward to seeing you at some of the upcoming events!



  • Hot and Cold Commercial Kitchen Equipment Parts, Service, Repairs, Preventative Maintenance & Equipment Replacement.

  • OEM Parts Distribution.  Over 160 OEM Manufacturers Parts in our huge 15,000 square foot Parts Warehouse

  • HVAC/R Service, Repairs, Replacement and Maintenance

  • A selection of Flexible Maintenance Contracts to suit your specific needs.

  • Asset (Equipment) Management Services available.

Voting Members since 1982.


Jay-Hill Repairs’ full sized service vans are seen on roads and highways across NJ and into Eastern PA, Lower NY State and Staten Island.  More than likely you’ve seen them in your neighborhood!


Five things you can do to ensure the proper operation and long life of your Steamer or Combi Ovens.

  1. Always have Factory Authorized Technicians service your equipment with genuine OEM parts.  We have exceptional, factory-trained technicians available to service your equipment.
  2. Always ask for OEM parts for any repairs to your equipment.  As the Authorized Service & Parts Distributor for most manufacturers, we stock over $1.5 Million Dollars worth of OEM parts and descaling chemicals in our 15,000 square foot warehouse.  They are available for purchase if you do your own maintenance, or give us a a call and one of our expert technicians will be happy to take care of your maintenance or repairs.
  3. Install a Water Filtration System to protect your Steamer and Combi Ovens.  If you don’t have a water filtration system protecting your steam equipment or go through a lot of water filter cartridges, we can provide a filter system and schedule cartridge change-outs as well.  Clogged filters can starve your equipment of water causing them to shut down!
  4. Have Regular Planned Maintenance performed.  Jay-Hill Repairs can provide you with a scheduled maintenance program to keep your steam equipment working at its maximum efficiency and extend its working life.  Scale build-up corrodes internal boilers and can encapsulate elements and other components causing serious and expensive recurring repairs.
  5. Understand the proper operation of your Steamers and Combi Ovens.  Our techs are happy to instruct you on all phases of operating your steamers and ovens so that you get maximum production from them.  Just ask when they come out to do your maintenance.


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Local Calls/Emergency Service: (973) 575-9145

Southbend Award

Special KUDOS to the ENTIRE Jay-Hill Repairs Team!

We received news from Steve Fabretti of Southbend that Jay-Hill Repairs has been recognized at the “Service First Reception” in Chicago during the CFESA and NRA Conferences this past May.  We received an award that was announced to all of the Factory Authorized Service Agencies in attendance at the Reception.  In order to succeed at each Service First call, the dispatcher must respond via email, the Technician must call in upon arrival, diagnose the equipment, obtain parts (if the parts are not already on the truck), and repair the unit to satisfactory working condition.

Southbend AwardJay-Hill Repairs was one of only 5 agents Nationwide who came in under 3% for Missed Opportunities!  Steve stressed how appreciative he and Southbend are of our performance, and encouraged us to continue in our excellent efforts.

Steve said that it is the focused effort and professional work by Jay-Hill Repairs that makes this a Win-Win Program for us and for Southbend too!

The award arrived this week and it is beautiful.  It’s so nice to be appreciated!