Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

Every piece of equipment in your kitchen runs the risk of failing over time. But with the assistance of professional kitchen equipment maintenance and a commitment to performing regular preventative maintenance, your equipment will last for years to come.

Implementing a preventative maintenance plan means solving issues while they’re still small. Allowing them to go unchecked will develop into larger problems, resulting in more significant damage and costly repairs.

Jay-Hill Repairs specializes in maintaining all types of kitchen appliances, ensuring that our expert technicians address problems while they are still manageable. As the premier restaurant and food service equipment maintenance company in NJ, we strive to provide you with the best service in the industry.

Emergency Service

Reduced Downtime

Preventative Maintenance is critical for identifying small problems with  your equipment before they turn into large, costly, repairs and equipment downtime.


Priority Service

Cut in line and get faster service (often same-day) on your equipment.


Saves Money

You will experience less breakdowns, fewer repairs, and a longer service life of your equipment.  You also receive discounted labor rates.


Food Safety

Avoid bacterial growth by calibrating thermostats, performing regular cleaning & sanitizing, and general maintenance.

How does a Preventative Maintenance Plan work?

Our experts work with you to create a customized maintenance plan.  All kitchens are different, and so are their needs.

You choose the equipment you want covered – from everything in your kitchen to just a few select units.

Scheduled Service

You decide how often you’d like us to come – monthly, quarterly, twice a year – it’s up to you.

Every kitchen is different. We'll help you choose which equipment should be covered and how often it needs maintenance. We create customized plans based on YOUR specific needs.

Coil Cleanings

Walk-Ins, Refrigerators, Freezers, Ice Machines. 
A build-up of dirt and grime impedes the cooling of the refrigerant that cycles through the refrigeration system and causes your equipment to be less efficient which can lead to break-downs. Let us help you keep those coils clean!

Clean and Sanitize Ice Makers

Keeps Ice Machines fee of disease carrying bacteria (like Legionnaires Disease), mold, dust, slime and other contaminants.

Descale Broilers

Steamers, Kettles, Combi-Ovens.
Removes scale build-up to achieve optimal performance and avoid premature replacement.  Scale build-up can completely ruin your boilers – descale them today to keep them running properly and to avoid expensive repairs or replacement in the future.

Water Filter Change-Outs

Keeps your water and ice quality clean and clear, removes odors and bad taste, and removes contaminants, bacteria, etc.  Also, clogged filters on steamers and combi-ovens can starve your equipment of water, causing them to shut down.

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