Why do I need a Planned Maintenance Agreement?

  1. Being proactive with the maintenance of your kitchen equipment WILL SAVE YOU MONEY.  You will experience less breakdowns, fewer repairs, and a longer service life of your equipment.
  2. You will receive PRIORITY SERVICE.  Cut in line and get faster service (often same-day) for your equipment needs.
  3. DISCOUNTED PRICE - Our contract customers receive discounted prices on their service.
  4. Our professional technicians will be your "eyes in the kitchen" - assisting you in proactively identifying safety, operational, and maintenance issues on all of your equipment, and offering detailed reports for your review.

You can choose from three different plans...

Inspection Only Agreements

Inspections are critical for identifying small problems with your equipment before they turn into large, costly repairs.

  • Taking this proactive approach greatly reduces the amount of down time and emergency service calls.
  • We check safe and proper operation, calibrate temperature controls, check for wear and tear on the components of the unit, and address any specific equipment issues that your chef or kitchen staff may have while on site.
  • Any deficiencies discovered by our Technician will be communicated to the client.  All repairs are quoted for your approval.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Some of the equipment in your kitchen requires regular preventative maintenance to keep it running efficiently, to extend its usable life, and to protect it from costly repairs.

Here's a list of the cooking equipment that requires preventative maintenance:

  • Descaling Boiler Systems (Steamers, Kettles, Combi-Ovens, etc.)
  • Deliming Dishwashers
  • Changing water filtration cartridges to reduce scale and avoid water starvation issues
  • Slicer Sharpening & Lubrication

The refrigeration equipment that requires preventative maintenance includes:

  • All Refrigerators and Freezers - they require chemical cleaning of the coils
  • All Ice Machines - they require cleaning and sanitizing and changing of water filters
  • HVAC - Require Semi-Annual Maintenance (Spring and Fall)

Block of Time Agreements

You choose the number of hours you want to purchase in advance.  Hours are pre-paid before the start of the contract, and are renewable when they run out.

  • Maintenance? Repairs? New Equipment Installs? These are YOUR HOURS - Use them as you'd like.
  • You receive 10% additional COMPLIMENTARY hours when you buy a time block.
  • Lowest hourly rate for service.
  • Time Block hours don't expire.
  • Quicker Service - We make you a priority.  It's like getting a "cut in line" pass 🙂

*Block of Time purchases start at 30 hours.


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