Welding Services

Commercial Kitchen Equipment is used day after day, for long hours, and at high volume. This can cause significant wear and tear as well as damage. These damaged areas can introduce the risk of bacteria or other contaminants into your food. To maintain hygienic and properly operating equipment, Jay-Hill Repairs offers a range of welding services to keep your equipment in top working order. 

Our welders and fabricators are fully trained to ensure that you receive expert repairs and service.

We are able to perform welding repairs on the following parts & equipment:

  • Stove Parts

  • Ovens & Oven Hoods

  • Refrigeration Tables

  • Salad bars

  • Counter-tops

  • Conveyors

  • Sinks

  • And much more more…

For additional information on our welding services, or to schedule an appointment, call us at 1-888-JAY-HILL (529-4455)  or fill out the form below.