New Equipment Sales

New Commercial Kitchen Equipment can be a big investment...Let our experts ensure you get just what you need.

With almost 50 years of experience in the Commercial Kitchen Equipment business, Jay-Hill Repairs is the perfect choice to help you purchase your new equipment.  Here’s why:

Before and After

  •  Complete Job Coordination – Whether you’re replacing one piece of equipment or an entire cooking line, we coordinate everything; from purchase to delivery to set up of of the new equipment & removal and disposal of the old.  If you order equipment online, the equipment is dropped off at the curb.  It’s up to you to uncrate, set in place, hook up, test for proper operation and remove and discard the old equipment.

  • Site Survey – Our expert technicians come to you and provide a site survey to check for proper measurements – fit through doorways, obstacles in the way, hook-ups of utilities in the kitchen, electric or plumbing requirements, etc.

  • Contractor Coordination – We will act as a GC to coordinate plumbers or electricians for you as needed.  If you have a contractor we’re happy to provide information/specs to your them to ensure the work is done properly.

  • Protection of your warranty – Warranties can be deemed null and void if installs are done improperly.  That’s why you should use a factory authorized installer to deliver, uncrate, install, set up gas pressures, air intake, and perform an overall check of equipment to properly ensure that your warranty remains valid.
  • Best Prices – We work with dealers to negotiate the best possible price for you.


If you need to replace equipment but have a limited budget, we’ve got you covered.  We’re now offering financing on new and pre-owned equipment purchases.  Click here for more information or give us a call today!