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Happy Holidays from Jay-Hill Repairs

So here we are, smack in the middle of the holiday season...

The Holidays bring back memories of time spent with friends & family, the wonderful aromas of a delicious turkey or ham cooking in the oven, egg-nog, mulled wine, side dishes of candied yams and string bean casserole, pumpkin and apple pies for desert, everyone talking and laughing; and it makes us think about ALL the things we’re thankful for.  

Of course, we’re thankful for all the people in our lives that we get to spend the holidays with; spouses, parents, grandparents, our children.  

But the holidays also make us think of others, who without us even realizing, make our day-to-day lives special.

We’re thankful for our co-workers – working together every day – each helping to build a company that can fulfill the promises we make to our customers. Working hand in hand, sharing their skills and knowledge, each contributing in their own way. We truly appreciate them – they are loyal and hardworking… and we are thankful for them.

We’re thankful for our loyal customers.  We’ve worked together with you for many years.  We’ve developed special relationships with so many of you.  We continue to strive to provide you with best service possible and constantly look for new ways to raise the bar. We appreciate your business and your loyalty… and we are thankful for you.

Be it at work or at home, may you all find happiness in those around you as you celebrate the holidays.

Wishing You All A Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and a Prosperous 2019!