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Are you cleaning your Ice Machine frequently enough?

Not only does the cleanliness of your ice machine affect the look and taste of your ice (and in turn your drinks), the FDA classifies ice as food. Local health departments can site and fine you for having ice that is not clean and sanitary.  Most manufacturers recommend cleaning your ice machine at least every six months, more if it’s near other equipment that may be putting contaminants out into the air.

The ice within your ice maker can be contaminated a number of ways:

  • Airborne contaminants such as dirt & dust
  • Unsafe ice handling
  • An ice bin that hasn’t been kept clean.
  • Contaminated source water

Ice machines should be cleaned (and filters should be changed) at least every six months. When we say cleaned, we mean INSIDE and OUT.
Here are the steps you should follow to properly clean your commercial ice machine: 

  • Make sure the machine is turned off.
  • Remove all of the ice from the bin.
  • Follow the directions on a specialized commercial ice machine cleaner and sanitizer.
  • Make sure the coils on your condenser are cleaned by brushing them with a nylon brush made for that purpose or chemically by hiring a professional commercial kitchen equipment repair & maintenance company.
  • Remember to ALWAYS discard the batches of ice made after the cleaning process. 
  • Also, be sure to change all water filters at cleanings
  • Exterior Cleaning – keeping bacteria off of the exterior of your ice machine is important too.  That bacteria can work its way into your ice machine.  Be sure to keep the exterior and surrounding areas clean and sanitized.
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