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Must-Have Equipment Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

Starting a restaurant, bakery, or another food business is a lot like cooking. You need to gather the right ingredients and tools to create a business that will meet your needs. That means having the equipment that will enable you to prepare your food well in the quantity you need. This is the must-have equipment every commercial kitchen needs.


A refrigerator is to a commercial kitchen what a safe is to a bank. It’s the key to having fresh ingredients. But not every model is the right fit for every kitchen. A few things to consider before you choose a refrigerator for your kitchen include:

  • The size of the refrigerator
  • The space available in your kitchen
  • Its Energy efficiency
  • The condenser location
  • The available warranties

Also, keep in mind the function of your refrigerator. A business that simply needs storage space for ingredients will need a different unit than one that must store sodas that customers can buy.


Like refrigerators, the type of oven you invest in for your business will depend on your kitchen’s needs. Consider factors like the type of foods you’re preparing, how much you’ll make, and how quickly you’ll need them. For instance, a smaller bakery may only require a conventional convection oven, while a larger one may need a cook and hold oven.

Specialty restaurants that don’t do as much baking may benefit from small ovens for particular uses. For example, cheese melters may be good for places that sell pasta or sandwiches.

Ranges and Griddles

For restaurants, having enough stovetops so that multiple chefs can cook at the same time is essential. In the past, businesses could only choose between electric and gas types. Both have their benefits. Electric stoves are more cost effective and cook food more evenly, while gas stoves often work more quickly.

There’s now another option, though: the commercial induction range. This is a variation on the traditional electric stove that channels electricity magnetically. The flat surface allows quick cleaning and heats up much more quickly than other electric ranges.

Industrial Dishwashers

The only thing more important to commercial kitchens than food is hygiene. That’s why no list of must-have equipment every commercial kitchen needs would be complete without a dishwasher. Industrial dishwashers come in multiple varieties. The main differentiating factor between them is whether they’re high- and low-temperature models.

As the name suggests, high-temperature washers use hot water to sanitize dishes. Low-temperature washers rely more on FDA-approved chemicals to clean dishes. High-temperature washers tend to be favorable for commercial kitchens due to their ability to deal with tough stains.

Kitchen equipment is an indispensable ingredient when trying to craft a food business. That’s why Jay-Hill Repairs offers commercial kitchen repair services to help keep your kitchen up and running.