Comstock-Castle is the oldest stove manufacturer in the USA and perhaps the world. We began with Allen Comstock and Timothy H. Castle moving to Quincy and Adams

County in the mid 1830s. The primary business of the company since our first foundry was built in 1846 has been stove manufacturing. The present management of the company is sixth generation of the Castle family, dating back to the American Civil War.

Comstock-Castle makes 3 widths of ovens for ranges: 19 1/2 “, 26 1/2 ” and 31 1/2 “. The 31 1/2 ” oven is the widest in the industry. The extra space allows for air to circulate around the sides of a full size sheet pan reducing the scorching that can sometimes occurs in some 26 1/2 ” ovens when full size sheet pans are used. We also insulate the sides of our ranges to reduce the clearance from combustible materials.

Castle also offers more top configurations than any other range manufacturer. On open top burners we use an energy efficient 24,000 BTU rated star burner that spreads heat evenly to small or large pots. This energy efficient pattern allows a lower BTU burner to produce the same cooking results as a higher BTU rated ring or octagon pattern burner reducing energy consumption without sacrificing performance.  (Source:

Jay-Hill Repairs offers Comstock-Castle warranty service as well as non-warranty repairparts and planned maintenance.