In 1996, EQUIPEX was launched to offer products that are of the highest quality, possess unique features and offer an overall best value to its clients in the foodservice industry. With this strategy comes a commitment to professional, personalized, service. Our products are at the forefront of contemporary trends in cooking, holding and displaying of a wide variety of foods. The EQUIPEX mission is to provide solutions to foodservice challenges in the market place.

Partnering with leading high quality European manufacturers, ROLLERGRILL INTERNATIONAL and ADVENTYS INDUCTION, both based in France, EQUIPEX performs the final assembly of all of its products at its Providence, Rhode Island manufacturing facility. In addition, EQUIPEX is the inventor and manufacturer of the patented Small Appliance Ventless Hood System (SA Vent), an

answer to ventilation requirements for the countertop cooking equipment. EQUIPEX performs all UL and NSF certifications for its products during the manufacturing process at its facilities.

EQUIPEX products are creatively designed and manufactured, permitting the addition of innovative foods to a menu at a reasonable cost. In most cases, it is not an investment for the client, as the paycheck is days or weeks, not months or years. EQUIPEX products are especially appealing when the versatility, styling, quality, reliability and support are considered.

Whether for traditional market channels, such as restaurants or business and industry venues, or for healthcare, entertainment, military, or food retail outlets, EQUIPEX products will facilitate menu enhancement and increase revenues.

Our exciting products address a wide range of cooking and display opportunities:

 Small Appliance Ventless Hoods – ideal in areas where ventilation is impossible, impractical or too costly to install. Perfect for panini grills, induction cookers, griddles, crepe makers, convection and pizza ovens, and much more.

• Induction Cookers and Warmers – take advantage of over 90% energy efficiency to cook or warm food items. Perform the tasks quickly, and keep the kitchen cool! Countertop, drop-ins, and under counter options.

• Panini Grills – over 100 possible model configurations with cast iron or vitroceramic infrared cooking surfaces – toasting ‘panini’ sandwiches, wrap sandwiches, tortilla, quesadilla or cooking meats, fish or vegetables are perfect applications.

• Convection Ovens – compacthalf size or full size ovens are prefect to add additional food items – available with optional high speed infrared finishing elements for more versatility – appetizer, dessert, or primary cooking possibilities.

• Pizza Ovens – how about baking pizza in 3-6 minutes with that homemade pizzeria taste! The brick baking stone and infrared heating make it happen – fresh, frozen or par-baked.

• Crepe and Waffle Bakers – crepes from the people who invented them – adding new menu items was never as easy, as much fun or profitable for the client – single and double units – many creative waffle patterns – many accessories: topping dispensers, kits and carts, chilled batter holder.

• Finishing Ovens (salamanders) – chef-friendly operation moves the heat source to the food with the touch of a finger – quartz or vitroceramic infrared – high temperature and speed for cooking or finishing that finely prepared entrée, or for appetizers and desserts.

• Conveyor Toasters and Ovens – using infrared heat, high production can be achieved in a compact space – wonderful for breakfast buffets, or heating open-faced sandwiches, pizza and snack foods.

• Toaster Ovens – the answer for heating and broiling multiple food products in a café or restaurant – muffins, toast, open-faced sandwiches, bagels, quiches and much more.

• Hot Dog Systems – using our unique spike toasting system, it is possible to create a special taste and presentation with America’s favorite food.

• Rotisseries and Gyros Grills – with our compact countertop systems new food items can be easily added to the existing menu. Perfect for restaurants, hotels and cruise ships.

• Fryers and Griddles (Planchas) – with our compact countertop systems, new food items can be easily added to the existing menu. Perfect for restaurants, hotels and cruise ships.

• Heated and Ambient Displays – whether the need is for a compact point-of-purchase heated display, or for a warmer to hold full size sheet pans or hotel pans, EQUIPEX offers solutions that will keep hot food at it’s proper temperature and attractively displayed. And for those applications where ambient displays are needed, EQUIPEX has attractive options.

• Specialty Products – egg cookers for hotel buffets – countertop smokers for fish, chicken, meat, cheese and vegetable. (Source: Equipex.com)

Jay-Hill Repairs offers Equipex warranty service as well as non-warranty repair, parts and planned maintenance.