Your kitchen is much more than a group of workstations. It’s the true heart of your business. It’s where real magic happens, transforming those essential ingredients into the high-quality meals your guests come back for time and time again. At Garland, we know those well-crafted creations can only come from equally well-crafted equipment.

That’s why we’ve spent the past 140 years working directly with our customers, collaborating on solutions that are practical, effective, and long-lasting, helping to bring their passion to the surface every day. We’ve worked hard to earn their trust, constantly innovating and adapting to evolve with our ever-changing industry.

We know that constant progress depends on products that are both thoughtfully designed and built to last. That’s why we always begin by listening to our customers and keeping their entire kitchen in mind, crafting solutions that fit into the wider workflow while also boasting a standalone power of their own.

From ranges and clamshell grills to complete island suites, we’ve collaborated on many breakthroughs to suit our customers’ diverse needs. Yet all of them have been grounded in the same fundamental purpose of practical application, crafted from genuine necessity to solve the real challenges facing your business.

As we now work toward the next hundred years, Garland remains dedicated to that high standard. Constantly working together to bring you the absolute best, we’re committed to upholding our tradition of progress – today and tomorrow. (Source:

Jay-Hill Repairs offers Garland warranty service as well as non-warranty repairparts and planned maintenance.