Gemini Bakery Equipment

At Gemini Bakery Equipment Company, we carry a wide variety of commercial bakery equipment including and food services equipment, but not limited to mixers, dividers, sheeters, proofers and rack and deck ovens for commercial bakeries, retail bakeries and food service facilities.


The Gemini Bakery Equipment Company was established in 1972 by its chief executive officer, Mark Rosenberg. The Rosenberg family has been in the bakery equipment business since 1911 with the establishment of the Quaker Bakery Equipment Company by Mr. Rosenberg’s grandfather.

Gemini is the largest provider of specialty bread and roll equipment and systems in North America. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with two manufacturing plants in Pennsylvania as well. Annual consolidated sales up to $40 million, Gemini employs approximately 125 people across all three operations.

Gemini has enjoyed long-term relationships with hundreds of specialty bakers since the “early days”. Gemini’s growth is just as attributable to its preferred supplier relationship with these bakers, whose own businesses have continued to grow, as it is to our continually growing customer list. (Source:

Jay-Hill Repairs offers Gemini warranty service as well as non-warranty repairparts and planned maintenance.