Power Soak

Power Soak provides the power to tackle even the toughest baked-on food soils with minimal scrubbing. With a variety of standard sizes available as well as custom configurations, Power Soak’s Continuous Motion Systems are the ideal warewashing solution for any kitchen layout that would normally use a standard 3-compartment sink and/or a traditional spray type utensil washer for washing pots and pans.

The secret is Power Soak’s patented parallel wash flow, which takes advantage of the natural scouring properties of rotating wash water, heat and detergent — all working together to maximize cleaning power. The even, scalable wash flow also delivers wares to the operator for easy removal, which means less strenuous back-bending for kitchen staff. Also available as an option, Power Soak’s Advanced Wash Insert

(AWI) creates a curved lining within the tank that provides the gentlest and quietest wash action Power Soak has to offer.

As the uncontested innovation leader in continuous motion warewashing, Power Soak continually sets new standards for cleanliness, consistency, sanitation, cost savings and ergonomics — all to help your team focus less on manual labor and more on serving guests. With more than 20 times the installations than every competitor combined, Power Soak has a system that will meet any customer’s needs. (Source: UnifiedBrands.net).

Jay-Hill Repairs offers Power Soak warranty service as well as non-warranty repairparts and planned maintenance.