In 1944, the Salvajor Company introduced the first food waste scrapping system to the foodservice industry. It was quickly accepted and soon found its way into the nation’s leading restaurants and hotels; as well as hospitals, cafeterias, schools, factories, universities and correctional institutions.

Today, Salvajor manufactures dish scrapping solutions for any size business, including: 

disposers and disposer controls; disposer based scrapping systems; and food waste Collector systems. Salvajor products are specifically designed to save water/energy and to provide a low maintenance, sanitary alternative to other methods of food waste disposal.

A relentless devotion to quality, reliable service and comprehensive support system have been the hallmarks of our success for three quarters of a century. Currently in it’s third generation of ownership, Salvajor remains a privately held manufacturer located in Kansas City, MO. (Source:

Jay-Hill Repairs offers Savajor warranty service as well as non-warranty repairparts and planned maintenance.