Virtual Kitchen Tech

Virtual Kitchen Tech
Complimentary Virtual Diagnosis for Commercial Kitchens

Jay-Hill Repairs is proud to offer our latest service - Virtual Kitchen Tech

Virtual Kitchen Tech allows us to diagnose your commercial kitchen equipment virtually via your smart phone or tablet.  This service allows us to instantly connect you with one of our Master Certified Technicians to provide a no-contact diagnosis of your appliance issues free of charge.

The Benefits:

  • It’s instant.  No waiting for a scheduled appointment or for a technician to show up.
  • Factory Trained and Master Certified Technicians
  • No disturbance to your kitchen staff.
  • It’s contact-free and respects social distancing.  No additonal PPE required!
  • Helps you save money by eliminating return service calls and decreasing equipment downtime.
  • It’s free!

The Process:


You call for service (973) 575-9145 Option 1, provide some basic information, and request a "Virtual Kitchen Tech".


One of our experts will send an email or text to your mobile device with an invitation to join their Help Space. Tap on the link to start the call. The call will utilize your mobile device's web browser to call the Expert.


You will be connected with our Expert who will ask questios to understand what your appliance is doing, virtually diagnose the problem, and safely resolve the issue (or suggest next steps to resolve the issue).

Should issue resolution require a technician to come onsite, our technicians will be prepared and trained on all safe practices to keep you and your staff safe, including:
      • Follow all CDC Guidelines
      • Wear masks and gloves
      • Sanitize your equipment and any surfaces you touch
      • Maintain proper social distancing

We’re all in this together.  Supporting our customers is what we’re all about!  And now, more than ever, we are here for you.  Call today.