Five things you can do to ensure the proper operation and long life of your Steamer or Combi Ovens.

  1. Always have Factory Authorized Technicians service your equipment with genuine OEM parts.  We have exceptional, factory-trained technicians available to service your equipment.
  2. Always ask for OEM parts for any repairs to your equipment.  As the Authorized Service & Parts Distributor for most manufacturers, we stock over $1.5 Million Dollars worth of OEM parts and descaling chemicals in our 15,000 square foot warehouse.  They are available for purchase if you do your own maintenance, or give us a a call and one of our expert technicians will be happy to take care of your maintenance or repairs.
  3. Install a Water Filtration System to protect your Steamer and Combi Ovens.  If you don’t have a water filtration system protecting your steam equipment or go through a lot of water filter cartridges, we can provide a filter system and schedule cartridge change-outs as well.  Clogged filters can starve your equipment of water causing them to shut down!
  4. Have Regular Planned Maintenance performed.  Jay-Hill Repairs can provide you with a scheduled maintenance program to keep your steam equipment working at its maximum efficiency and extend its working life.  Scale build-up corrodes internal boilers and can encapsulate elements and other components causing serious and expensive recurring repairs.
  5. Understand the proper operation of your Steamers and Combi Ovens.  Our techs are happy to instruct you on all phases of operating your steamers and ovens so that you get maximum production from them.  Just ask when they come out to do your maintenance.


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