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Jay-Hill Repairs Invests in Technicians with Rational Certification

The great visionary and business magnate, Henry Ford has been quoted as saying, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.

At Jay-Hill Repairs, this quote hits close to home. Our expert technicians are at the heart of our business, and their training and professional development is something we invest in heavily. Although quality service starts with hiring a team of technicians with proven mechanical/electrical/refrigeration or HVAC aptitude, it doesn’t end there. Systems and equipment are continually improving and changing, and we recognize the importance of staying current with technology. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to our technicians’ growth by having them complete regular factory training and obtain industry certifications. Whether we’re sending our technicians out to factories or hosting factory-certified trainers on-site, we always ensure our techs receive top-notch instruction to build on their years of on-the-job experience.

Factory Training with Rational

Rational, the leading global manufacturer of commercial combi-ovens, held its technician certification training this month at the Las Vegas Training Center. We were honored to have two more Jay-Hill Repairs team members attend the training and complete their certification, further strengthening Jay-Hill’s position as the premier service agent for Rational in the New Jersey market.

Our technicians returned from Las Vegas with rave reviews:
“The training was great. They covered all aspects of the equipment: from how to install them correctly to all of the different systems and how to diagnose them. From hot air to steam, drains and motors, computer systems and communication cables, gas and electric units, cleaning and maintenance. These are really well-built machines that, when taken proper care of, will be an extremely beneficial piece of equipment and last a long time.”

It’s easy to see why customers look to Jay-Hill Repairs first to fulfill their needs with Rational startups, service, preventative maintenance or cleaning tablets. Not only do we have the longest standing relationship with Rational and the largest number of Rational-certified technicians in our market, our warehouse is among those carrying the largest stock of Rational parts in the state. And, as we continue to invest in our Rational inventory and train our technicians on Rational equipment and systems, our partnership with Rational – and the related advantages passed on to our customers — will continue to grow.

Happy Employees Lead to Happy Customers
Why do we invest so heavily in our technicians’ professional development? The answer is simple: happy employees means happy customers. A well-trained technician who feels valued and appreciated will provide faster, more accurate diagnostics, and long-lasting repairs which means a smaller invoice for the customer and an all-around better experience; our employees, our company as a whole, and most importantly, our customers, all reap the benefits associated with routine training.  We’re always looking for qualified candidates to join our team.

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