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Let’s Talk About National Skilled Trades Day

Every year, National Skilled Trades Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday of May.  What a great thing to celebrate!  What a great way to educate!

For decades, young people have been taught that the only way to succeed is by attending college and getting a degree.  That’s just not the case.  That way of thinking has been increasing student loan debt and providing “under-employed” graduates with jobs that don’t even allow them to repay that debt.

In the meantime, skilled trades jobs go unfilled.  The common misconception is that skilled trade careers are not lucrative.  Again, this just isn’t the case.  Commercial Kitchen Equipment Field Service Technicians can make over 6 figures, AND they don’t have huge student loan debt to repay.  Tech’s that work for Jay-Hill receive ongoing factory training and master technician certification at NO COST TO THEM!  We offer full benefits and a 401K (with company matching) retirement plan.  Annnd… we like to have fun here at Jay-Hill.

If you think you might be interested in a career in our industry, we’ve got some great opportunities right now.  Click below to check ‘em out!

Kitchen Equipment Field Service Technician

Refrigeration Equipment Field Service Technician

Preventative Maintenance Technician

Kitchen Equipment Apprentice