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Useful Tips for Cleaning a Commercial Restaurant Oven

Back in the days when an open fireplace was the home’s source of warmth and means of cooking, people had an expression that, “The hearth is the heart of the home.” The same can be true of an oven’s role in a commercial kitchen.

However, just as ovens offer more functionality than an open fire, they also require more effort to maintain. This includes tasks as simple as cleaning. But our useful tips for cleaning a commercial restaurant oven will help you protect the heart of your kitchen.

Manage Small Spills Immediately

When you are in the middle of a dinner rush, spills are almost inevitable. Food boils over, and crumbs spill across the oven. It’s easy amid cooking to want to leave the spill and move on. However, leaving a spill on a hot surface can lead to it burning and then becoming incredibly difficult to clean.

Try keeping cleaning materials placed next to the oven for quick access. That way, it will be easier for those working in the kitchen to clean up messes quickly and safely without impacting their pace.

Create a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Consistency is the most important tool in the quest for a clean stove. Regular cleaning keeps messes and caked-on debris from accumulating and bacteria growth at a minimum.

Create a checklist of tasks that someone should perform every evening, such as wiping down the exterior and interior of the doors and wiping down the racks. Then have a separate list for deep cleaning tasks to be performed once a month, like cleaning out the bottom of the oven.

Cleaning Tips for Different Parts of the Machine

Different aspects of an oven require different cleaning practices, and knowing the basics for each part is useful for cleaning a commercial restaurant oven.


Even though the exterior door of the oven doesn’t typically touch food, it is often exposed to grease and dust from the environment. To avoid bacteria growth, it’s important to wipe the doors down with warm, soapy water.

Avoid using abrasive soaps or cleaning materials so that you don’t scratch the surface. Scratches, along with being unsightly, also provide a place for bacteria to grow.


There are several places to focus your attention on the interior of the oven. You should remove racks and soak them in warm, soapy water, then scrub the bottom by hand.

Be cautious around the fan. Be aware of grease and food buildup and clean out the area to promote airflow. However, be careful not to damage these components while cleaning them.

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